Pharmacological Treatment/Medical Treatment

Non Surgical/Medication options

In women who have heavy and often painful periods, doing nothing becomes a less viable option  with time. It is not normal to pass large clots ( a sign that your body’s enzymes can’t break down the blood as the volume you are bleeding is in excess) although many women put up with this situation for years and think nothing of the occasional ‘accident’ ( flooding, leakage through clothes despite extra sanitary protection) it is only when a particularly embarrassing situation arises that busy women seek help!

Most often it is the leakage of blood onto a friend’s sofa or carpet or worse soakage through clothes at a high-powered meeting that initiates checking on alternatives to doing nothing.

Your GP may prescribe oral medication such as Tranexamic or Mefenamic Acid or the insertion of an intrauterine system such as the Mirena® be discussed as an option. NICE, the National Institute for

Clinical Excellence has published guidelines on heavy menstrual bleeding.