The Procedure

The Day of the Procedure

MRgFUS is performed as a day case procedure.  It is routine to insert a bladder catheter as filling of the bladder with urine during the treatment would displace the uterus and move the fibroids. A suppository of a long acting anti-inflammatory pain killer is given and  Paracetamol is also given by intravenous infusion during the treatment. The treatment is performed in the prone position, i.e. lying on the tummy.  A gel pad is placed on the table to establish direct contact with the skin. A coil is placed over the pelvis to aid imaging and you slide into the MRI scanner feet first.

Some initial MRI scans are performed and the treatment is planned by the radiographer and interventional radiologist on the workstation in the control area. The area to be treated is plotted on the scans with markers to avoid any encroachment of the ultrasound energy on other organs, particularly bowel. Treatment or sonication is then commenced.  The duration of the treatment depends on the size and number of fibroids being treated and also on other factors such as the blood supply. For larger fibroids treatment can take up to 3-4 hours.

On completion of the treatment a final MRI scan is obtained the patient kept in the hospital for a few hours to ensure any sedation has fully worn off.

MRgFUS (1)MRgFUS 2 (2)