I first had the pleasure of meeting Ms Irani in 2014 when I suffered from severe bleeding every month preventing me from leaving the house for 2 days a month during my period. 

A large fibroid was identified for causing this & after discussing all different options available to me I opted for a Myomectomy.

3 years later I started to get really bad period pains & another fibroid had now grown, so without any hesitation I went back to see Ms Irani & this time I chose to have a hysterectomy as I wasn’t planning on having any more children (& the thought of being period free for life excited me).

I cannot praise Ms Irani enough, not only is she extremely professional but she is so very personable.  The aftercare that came post hysterectomy from Ms Irani was amazing, regular contact checking up on how I was & if I had any concerns.

Her reputation within the Spire hospital is first class amongst the staff & she is very respected with everyone who knows her.

I have been so impressed with Ms Irani that I even recommended her to my sister who came from London to be treated by her.

I am now 6 months post hysterectomy & feeling great,  thank you Ms Irani!


Hysterectomy – K. Wainwright
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I am a 42 years old, have 3 children and I am recovering from an (open) myomectomy  with Dr Irani performed almost a month ago.  Previously, my journey in trying to access treatment was extremely negative and this had started to impact upon my emotional well being.  When I met Dr Irani for the first time it was a huge relief.  I was aware from my research that the risk of complications would be reduced if I was treated by a gynaecologist with a special interest in fibroids and I was confident from the outset that Dr Irani was the a good choice.   I did not feel the need to give a lengthy explanation as to why preserving my uterus  was important to me because Dr Irani holds the belief that people should maintain control of their treatment and this is obvious.  She is a very direct person who comes across as competent  and my anxiety levels were reduced because I felt that I was in safe hands.

Talking to nursing staff at the clinic and on the ward it is obvious that she is well respected by other professionals - the nurses used words like “brilliant” and “amazing” to describe her.   The surgery was described as a tricky procedure and took a while due to the size and location but I have did not need to receive blood and have recovered quickly.  The worst thing about the surgery was the post operative wind which was terrible but only lasted for a couple of days and I have had no real pain since.  I have stayed out of the gym (as promised) but I started to walk daily within a week and by 2 weeks  I was taking lengthy dog walks without feeling tired.  I have experienced surprisingly little pain and I am already feeling the benefits of losing the fibroid.  I no longer get up in the night and when I do go I can pee for ages.  Similarly, long car journeys, trips to the cinema are no longer interrupted but the most significant benefit has been emotional.

At times I would worry that I would never see the back of the (growing) fibroid  or that I would end up with an unwanted hysterectomy.   The operation has given me closure so that I can get on with my life.  I am back at work next week and looking forward to training again after six weeks.   My quick recovery tells me that a delicate procedure was done well and I would recommend Dr Irani to women who are burdened by fibroids.

Mrs Smith  (Staffordshire), one month post open myomectomy

Myomectomy – Mrs. Smith’s story