Hysteroscopic resection

This is a procedure that specifically removes fibroids protruding into the uterine cavity. Indicated in women who may present with heavy and/or painful periods or infertility. A diagnosis is made after an ultrasound scan or confirmed with a diagnostic hysteroscopy. This procedure is specialized and requires training and expertise.

Methods deployed are variable – although newer methods like the MyosureXL® are safe, quick and technically straightforward, conventional resection is often required for very large intracavitary or calcified fibroids. Usually a day case procedure, in majority of cases it avoids major disruption to one’s personal schedule.How is it done?

A special operating telescope with a wire loop (resectoscope) or morcellator is inserted under a general anaesthetic used to shave off the fibroid and remove it piecemeal especially if bigger than 5cm. These days we can use an operating hysteroscope with electrical cutting devices such as the bipolar needle or versapoint to do the same. Like any surgery there is always a risk of bleeding, pain, perforation or damage to the uterus, which may rarely require a life saving hysterectomy. The procedure requires an overnight stay for bigger fibroids and a week’s recovery time.