Surgical Treatment

Although there are now many minimally invasive treatment options available, open surgery remains a perfectly reasonable choice and is well proven. Even hysterectomy, which many women understandably wish to avoid, is a well established and highly effective cure for fibroids after which they cannot possibly recur. Although it is a more major undertaking and has a longer recovery period than some of our other treatments it should not be discounted completely.

At the Birmingham Fibroid Clinic we offer a full assessment and full range of treatment options with impartial advice on which is the best choice in any given circumstance. When necessary Miss Irani and Dr. Crowe see patients together and advise objectively on what treatment options are possible and give realistic expectations of the likely success of each.

We now have extensive experience of more complicated cases of fibroids in which the best option is sometimes a combination of treatments, for example an endometrial ablation to control bleeding followed by embolisation to
shrink the fibroids or embolisation of a multitude of fibroids followed by myomectomy to remove larger fibroids in awkward positions. Our complimentary skills, experience and understanding of each other’s methods puts us in a unique position to give the appropriate advice and arrange treatment with minimal delay.

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