Canadian Government agency approves MRgFUS for uterine fibroids

April 23, 2015

Deems it a cost-effective, least invasive treatment option

The Ontario Health Technology Advisory Committee (OHTAC) has recommended focused ultrasound (FUS) as a possible “cost-effective strategy” and a “safe and effective, noninvasive, uterine-preserving” option for women seeking treatment for uterine fibroids. A new evidence review by Health Quality Ontario (HQO) led to this recommendation by OHTAC, finding FUS offers significant improvement in fibroid symptoms and rapid post-procedure recovery for women, with a rare occurrence of complications and a low risk of needing further treatments. A companion economic analysis concluded that FUS could result in an annual savings of up to $4.15 million for Ontarians.
These findings by HQO and OHTAC are an important step in recognizing the body of evidence that supports the efficacy and cost benefit of the technology. “We were pleased and not surprised to see that after a thorough review of the evidence, OHTAC found FUS to offer significant treatment advantages for women, including possible fertility preservation, at a reasonable cost,” said Foundation Chairman, Neal F. Kassell, MD.

“We expect these reports to facilitate full adoption of FUS in Ontario and help address the challenges to widespread acceptance of the technology globally. – Neal F. Kassell, MD